Month: August 2015

Main Small Business and how to overcome them

If you’re a small business person(s), and you are reading this blog then you already, possibly are experiencing, feelings of isolation, burn out, along with the feeling is it worth it. The first port of call would be to talk to your accountant or trusted college who understands the business you are in. In most

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Are you falling behind with your business tax payments?

Unfortunately many businesses find it hard to keep on top of both current and future tax obligations. This leads them to being in debt to the ATO and the unenviable need to negotiate payment terms. Part of our role as small business accountants is to act as a barrier or intermediary between the tax office

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Succession Planning

You have been running a successful business for some time now or you have just purchased a business and have a young family or are considering retirement, whatever the circumstances  you will most likely want the business you operate or the investments continue in the hands of the next generation without problems or  issues like

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