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If you’re a small business person(s), and you are reading this blog then you already, possibly are experiencing, feelings of isolation, burn out, along with the feeling is it worth it.

The first port of call would be to talk to your accountant or trusted college who understands the business you are in.

In most cases trying to be administration expert, selling your product or service and doing the work involved, while at the same time being compliant with Government issues like compliance and future directions of the business, leaves no time for yourself.

You try to be an expert in all fields but failing in all, because your wearing to many hats. Although you may not think you can afford it, outsourcing or delegating  others like admin work, bookkeeping should allow you to focus on your business and your life.

Talk to your accountant on some measurements of reliving the financial burden and physical stress of the business, it may cost more to begin with, but in the long run both your mental and financial wealth will benefit. Take the right steps to

  • Reduce your financial stress
  • Learn to take time off for yourself and family
  • Know that there are support networks to help in your everyday business the stress can be shared
  • Don’t try an wear to many hats and learn to delegate some of those burdens
  • Learn the ability to get up each day being able to enjoy your work

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